Sunday, October 14, 2012

postpartum what the fuck?

If being newly pregnant was a bit overwhelming, being newly UNpregnant is fantastically disorienting. If it were not for this delightful newborn child and my husband having over a month of paternity leave I would be furious with the arrangement.
I believe in nature. It's amazing. My body knows exactly how to grow my children, how to birth them, and how to nurse them. But my faith in my intelligent design gets a little foggy in the postpartum period. I am vulnerable. My emotions are all over the place. I am bleedy, and leaky, and chubby, and my ass hurts. I may never stop using flushable moist wipes, but that ode to wipe deserves it's own post. Happily no one is really looking at me. So if my pad or my breasts spring a leak or I start crying or being really foul most people are happy enough to say "Ohhhh, a cute baby. In a bear suit!" and move right along. Bless their hearts.
But what am I to do with myself?
Well as a bass line. EAT. eat food. nourishing food, comforting food, and my placenta. After I ran out of smoothie-able placenta I thawed the placenta in my freezer from my nearly 2 year old's birth. It didn't seem right to blend something so much older so I've spent the day steaming, slow roasted, and crushing my placenta into a powder. Given the option, if I ever have another placenta I'm inclined to eat I will absolutely put in the a smoothie. Steamed/slow roasted placenta smells exactly like quiche. It will be a very, very, very long time before I want another quiche. To say I'm put off is an understatement. Alternately, a placenta smoothie is ... well like a regular smoothie. I'm deeply suspicious of Jamba Juice these days, because seriously it tastes just the same .. placenta or not.
And emotionally, when I was drinking the placenta shakes I was feeling really well. After I finished them I started feeling like I might expect a new mother of two under two might feel at times.
Occasionally tired, weepy, and sweaty.
Here is hoping the placenta pills work just as well to perk up my spirits. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I did not eat the placenta for either of my children (I'm sort of squeamish like that) but I'm curious to know if it helps. I was just thinking tonight that I have post-partum 'anxiety'. I don't feel depressed but I have tons of anxiety all the time - and a lot of sleep issues (beyond the baby not sleeping through the night).

    Anyway -- congratulations! VERY cute pic. Hope things start to feel normal again soon. (As normal as anything ever is, right?!)

    1. Dear Beckster,
      I did notice an immediate difference in my mood the moment I finished the placenta smoothies. I felt more tearful and anxious within a day, and I noticed the excess of breastmilk was not quite as excessive as it had been.
      I think post partum anxiety is very common to varying degrees. I sincerely hope you find the support you need during this transition. <3

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  3. Hey Rosie!
    It's Britt from Sage Femme. I'm so happy to see your updates on your blog. What a beautiful family you have. Congrats on the new little pumpkin.
    I don't know if you knew but, Gabe and I are having a baby! Christmas is the EDD. Like Christmas day. Crazy. Planning a homebirth and I am getting excited to do this labor thing. I wanted to ask you some stuff whenever you have time maybe via e-mail. (I'm not on FB anymore, so that's the best communication for me). I have some placenta questions and I'm sure some others. I'd love to pick your momma brain!